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 Granada Scientific Week on Healthy Lifestyle & Nutrition

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PostSubject: Granada Scientific Week on Healthy Lifestyle & Nutrition   Fri Mar 21, 2008 5:08 pm

[center]Granada Scientific Week on Healthy Lifestyle & Nutrition
in Europe: From Conception to Adolescence

SUNDAY 20/04/08

9:00-11:00: HELENA meeting

10:00-12:00: Registration and
poster display

12:00-12:30: Welcoming remarks
and opening address

14:00-18:30: Healthy activity:
Walking visit to the Alhambra

MONDAY 21/04/08

8:30-12:30: Registration · Poster
display · Helena meetings
(Stakeholders meetings)

12:30-13:30: Official Inauguration ·
Opinion leaders roundtable

13:30-15:30: Welcome reception

15:30-16:30: SESSION 1
The HELENA Study: an overview
R d’Amario (Belgium)
LA Moreno (Spain)

16:30-17:30: SESSION 2
High quality standards in the
HELENA cross-sectional study
S De Henauw (Belgium)
F Gottrand (France)

18:00-19:00: SESSION 3
Body composition and obesity
A Pietrobelli (Italy)
D Molnar (Hungry)

TUESDAY 22/04/08

9:00-10:30: SESSION 4
Physical activity and physical
fitness for health
SN. Blair (USA)
M Sjöström (Sweden)
MJ Castillo (Spain)

11:00-12:00: SESSION 5
Diet and food patterns
M Kersting (Germany)
C Vereecken (Belgium)

12:00-13:00: SESSION 6
Adolescents as food consumers
C Gilbert (UK)
G Hall (Sweden)

Lunch and poster exhibition

15:00-16:30: SESSION 7
Blood profile and genetics
M González-Gross (Spain)
C Breidenassel (Germany)
M Ferrari (Italy)
J Wärnberg (Spain)
J Dallongeville (France)

16:30-17:30: SESSION 8
Lifestyle interventions
W Ahrens (Germany)
L Maes (Belgium)

18:00-19:30: CLOSING SESSION
Promoting an early Healthy
European Life-Style
B Koletzko (Germany)
A Simopoulos (USA)
F Branca (Italy)

20:30: Gala Dinner and Flamenco

Deadline for abstracts submission and early registration: March 31st 2008
Granada, Spain
April 20th-22nd, 2008
International Symposium

Promoting a Healthy European Lifestyle through
Exercise and Nutrition in Adolescence
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Granada Scientific Week on Healthy Lifestyle & Nutrition
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